This Is My Story

Foma, pic. by Ofer Halevi..JPG

I’ve always been fascinated with urban art and hip-hop culture. My expertise in this field allowed me the precious opportunities to discuss the urban arts in lectures I gave in universities, colleges, professional conferences, art establishments, culture centers and interviews over the past decade.

My main goal in my research, lectures, writings and guided tours, is to make the urban arts more accessible to broad audiences while emphasizing the independent, free and unique spirit of one of the most fascinating art movements of our time.

I've founded Alternative Tel Aviv Tours in 2013 for people who’re interested in Israel’s vibrant urban art and culture. The Covid19 pandemic enhanced the online and virtual tour movements, which I was already part of, and thanks to technologies which have since surfaced, I’m now able to zoom you into Tel Aviv online, wherever you are.

I’m delighted to invite you to book your next visit to Israel right now! Currently I’m focusing on my town, Tel Aviv, but soon Jerusalem, Haifa and beyond.

See you on the next tour