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Yael Shapira, Urban Art Historian & Curator

Alternative Tel Aviv Tours was founded in 2013 by Yael Shapira, MA, an urban art historian and curator, who graduated from the Unit of Culture Research at the Tel Aviv University and is a lecturer, researcher and tour guide. She holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in Art History from TAU.

Shapira curated the exhibition "Hyper-Vandalism" at wearhouse 2 Gallery in Jaffa, and "Freshness" at Kikar Atarim square in Tel Aviv, which became a formal "street art spot" since the exhibition opened to the public on May 12th 2018. 

Shapira was a guest speaker at the Tel Aviv University, Haifa University, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Manofim - Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Zezeze Gallery of Architecture in Tel Aviv, and more.


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“Streets and their sidewalks-the main public places of a city-are its most vital organs.”

Jane Jacobs

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